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About Desifellow.com
                                                              Desi Fellow is a journal of my attempts and experimentation with gardening in Punjab, India. As photos and blogging is also involved in making of Desi fellow website, so it is actually a journal of my experimentation with gardening, photography and blogging.

Why did I decide to make Desifellow.com?
When I started gardening, I could not find detailed information like time of sowing, time of flowering, name of flowers, plants and fertilisers in Hindi or Punjabi. I tried reading books and searching on Internet but like America, India too is a very big country with varying climatic conditions in different states. So the information on type of plants which could be grown and time of sowing and flowering was not clear. Americans have found a easy and wonderful way of dividing their regions into Zones or hardiness Zones, but we have no such system in practise here.
                In India, we usually employee Mali (Gardener). Mali though is a very good helping hand with a lot of skill and experience, but he lacks badly in the aspects of fertilisation other important aspects and methods of gardening. And experienced Malis are getting scares and hard to find. If you ask a Mali about fertilisation, his answers is always Khad ( manure from cow dung). But as I am learning some plants need low nitrogen fertilisers to flower, high nitrogen fertiliser lead to late or no flowering in some plants can also reduce bloom size in some plants.
                        So I am creating a journal of my gardening activities in India, which can be helpful to other fellow gardeners specially for those living in North India. Comments from other fellow gardeners are welcome.

Why the domain name Desi Fellow?
 The word Desi refers to the people, cultures, and products of the Indian subcontinent. So Desifellow.com is a perfect name for, the blog of an Indian.

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