Monday, 12 August 2013

Trees Of Punjab

Trees Of Punjab

  1. Kikar (Acacia Nilotica)  This tree is on top of my list for tropical bonsai, only point of concern are its thorns, and below is an inspirational photo to shape my bonsai. 
Kikar tree

2.  Shahtoot (Mulberry, Morus macroura, Himalayan Mulberry)  This tree has been used by many bonsai experts, so this is also one of my preferred tree for making bonsai of tropical trees. Infact this has been used as the cover photo of the book, The complete book of bonsai by Harry Tomlinson.
Shahtoot Bonsai on the cover photo of book
And Luckily I found a seedling of Shahtoot (Mulberry) growing in my yard. I plan to plant this seedling in ground in a sunny location and let it grow for 1-2 years to thicken its trunk and i might train its root and stem while it grows in ground after reading some books and article.
Shahtoot or Mulberry seedling growing in my yard

3. Sheesham / Tahli((Dalbergia sissoo or Indian Rosewood)  Also found many seedlings of Tahli growing in my yards.

4. Drek (Melia azadirachta)  and Neem (Azadirachata indica)

5. Jand (Prosopis cineraria)

6. Dhak (Butea monosperma)

Bitten by Bonsai Fever, in Ludhiana, Punjab

Beautiful bonsai have always fascinated me. Around 2 years back I started with a Narangi (Chinese orange) and a bougainvillea plant. And had potted these in big sized pots, although Narangi did grow beautiful oranges which lasted many month, until they were plucked by my little daughter and her friends for playing. But the trunk size has not increased much.
                                                             I had always liked the Japanese Cherry blossom and the Japanese Maple (Acer Palmatum) but growing these in Punjab would not have been possible. Then I thought why not try making bonsai of these so that I can move them to shaded area during the extremely hot summers of Punjab. I found an Indian seller selling seeds for both Japanese Cherry blossom and the Japanese maple on ebay. But as I have no experience in making bonsai and these might be bit hard to grow in Punjab. I decided to first try making bonsai of some local trees of Punjab, to gain some experience in bonsai making.

Japanese Cherry Blossom
Japanese Maple (Acer Palmatum)
So then started my search for finding local trees of Punjab which can be used for making bonsai. And this also made me realize, how little we know about trees growing in our locality.  Although I knew the Punjabi or Indian names of many tree like Peepal, Bhor, Tahli, Kikar, Jhan, Neem, Thek, Shahtoot but of these I could only recognize only Peepal, Talhi and Neem. And I also didn't knew there English names or scientific names to search info about these on the internet. In my next post I will post the list of trees of Punjab along with their scientific and english name. This list will also be helpful for those of you living in near by states like, Haryana, UP, Himachal, Delhi and Chandigarh.