Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Time to plant Chrysanthemum Cuttings.

Now days it is the time to buy chrysanthemum cuttings in North India ( Punjab, Chandigarh, Haryana, New Delhi, Himachal, UP etc.), not very sure about the South India. Nurseries are having many varieties of chrysanthemum cuttings available. Most of my chrysanthemum stools which I had kept last year, for this years cutting had been destroyed. Some due to Heavy rains , and other were eaten up by the hairy caterpillars. So I have bought cuttings from local nursery and am in the process of planting them. This is a wake up call for the chrysanthemum ( Guldaudi ) lovers to plant their cuttings.


Sujata said...

Good to see you active again, Aman. Thanks for the reminder and looking forward to many more wake up calls!
I've done my Guldaudi cuttings for this year though Im thinking I'll do some more:P

Aman Dhanoa said...

Your welcome Sujata. I am following your blog too and I find it very inspirational. Hope to learn more about gardening in India from your blog.