Monday, 26 December 2011

Some more Chrysanthemum Photos

Here are some more chrysanthemum flower photos from my garden in India.

Chrysanthemum Propagation : part 1

In last week of December and January the flowering of chrysanthemum will be over, and chrysanthemum flowers will start to fade. So it is the right time to start planing for the next seasons chrysanthemums. I actually start visiting local nursery and local flower show (a chrysanthemum show is held in Punjab Agriculture University) from the first week of December, as at this time I can see Chrysanthemum plants with flowers in full bloom and can buy the varieties which I don't have in my collection.
                                                                                 So after selecting the plants from which I wish to obtain cutting for the next season. I label them, by writing the name of the varity on the Pot using a permanent marker.
 Then the chrysanthemum plant is cut back leaving just 5 cm from the ground, doing so promotes the growth of root suckers which are then used as rooted cutting for growing chrysanthemums.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Fertilizing Dahlia

Dahlia should be fertilized with low nitrogen fertilizer, so avoid compost, vermicompost and manure as these are high in nitrogen.While planting Dahlia tubers or transplating rooted cutting, use a handful of bonemeal, half cup of sugar and a teaspoon of epsom salt(magnesium sulphate) to the soil removed from the hole dug to plant Dahlia. After planting Dahlia in the hole use this soil to fill up the hole.

Transplated Dahlia, Petunia and Pansy

Most of my pots and flower beds are occupied with Chrysanthemum blooms right now, so had been delaying the transplanting of the spring flowering plants. But now being mid-December, I felt it might get too late. So I searched the local nurseries for plants which were a little grown up else the plants might not bloom and have finally transplanted Dahlia, Petunia and Pansy. Here are photos of the Dahlia, petunia and pansy transplated in my garden.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Chrysanthemum (Guldaudi - गुलदाउदी) Photos India

Many photographers will agree that Photographing flowers can be one of the hardest things to do. If you don't agree with that, then try photographing a few flowers and you will soon realize. So while shooting photographs of my flowers, I am trying various methods. Here are a few photos of my Chrysanthemums in my garden in india, I used macro mode on my Sony Cybershot digital camera while capturing these. To enjoy the pictures in higher resolution just click on them.

Indian white Chrysanthemum photo
white anemone mum by desi fellow
White Anemone
wisp of pink chrysanthemum photo in India
 Wisp of pink

garden beauty picture in garden in india
Garden Beauty

These photos make great wallpapers too, so if anyone wants them in higher resolution, just ask me. Had taken some more photos, will be uploading soon........  Aman Dhanoa